The Hague, July 16 2013


The time has come. The new Cooper record is done!
We have a title (well....actually, we don't), we have the artwork and we have the T-shirt. 14 brand new songs devided over two sides for it will be a vinyl record (with a download code)!

Recorded by ouselves and mixed by Bill Stevenson and Chris Beeble and mastered by Jason Livermore all at the infamous Blasting Room Studios in Ft. Collins, CO, USA, it'll be released by Kicking Records from France in Europe and Kung Fu Records from L.A. anywhere else.

And, ladies and gentlemen, we are very, very proud of it!
And we hope you will be too.

Here's the artwork:

And here's where you can pre-order the record together with our brand new t-shirt:

And that's not all:
Wednesday August 14 we will be sharing the stage with the best hardcore band around these days, Canada's Fucked Up!
Check the gigs section for details.

Nothing but good news, my friends, nothing but good news.

Speak soon.

René Cooper


The Hague, January 10 2013

Hello Listeners!

A quick update from you favorite punk rock band:
The show as the Prutsers went really well in the sense that we did play our new songs and did not make too many mistakes.
In the meantime we've recorded all of the basic tracks for the new album (check our FB page for some foto's )
It's fourteen songs in total, but we have no idea if they all going to make it on the record. Later on this month it's vocals time. Always a lot less fun than playing the music.

In other news: Check the Gigs section, because we added a couple of shows in February in March in France with our good friends Dead Pop Club and other people.

Looking forward to see you there!


René Cooper


The Hague, December 5 2012

Ok, so, we changed our name for one show. On December 10 we'll be called De Prutsers ( Dutch for The Fuck Ups ). Why? Because we'll be playing new songs only. No Borders, no The Key, no old songs whatsoever. We'll be recording our new record in January and we want to play all songs live before we go into the studio. Performing as De Prutsers gives us the opportunity to try out a couple of things.
So, don't expect the usual self confident ' oiled machine'. Expect three slightly insecure guys looking at each other in mild panic while struggling with about ten new songs never performed live before.
If you're there, let us know what you think of them.

In the meantime, we're looking at a Spring release through Kung Fu Records and French Kicking Records.

Plus an appearance at two Kicking Fests in France in February. Details will follow soon.


René Cooper


The Hague, May 19 2012

A Break From Writing

Hello Listeners!

We're about ten songs into the new album and it looks like it's going to be Cooper's blues record. No shit.

Anyway, on June 6 and 8 we'll be dragging ourselves out of the rehearsal room to do two shows. One in The Melkweg with Billy Talent on June 6 and on June 8 we'll be celebrating twenty years of Cooper!

That's right kids, twenty years as a band!

This will be a very special night with lots of music, drinks, special guests and friends. We don't exactly what and how, because it's not organized by us, but by friends and family with some surprises for us as well. Just like a good party should be.

Make sure you're there, we'll be playing some of the blues stuff.

Oh, yeah, it also looks like there's an Oktober tour in France coming up with our Dead Pop Club friends. Keep you posted.


René Cooper


The Hague, November 4 2011


Happy Halloween dear listeners!

And here it is, our brand new website! Everything you want to know about your favorite band put in new design made by Ralph Smit and yours truly.

Furthermore, on November 9 our new split 7" with Parisians Dead Pop Club will be released! It's our first official release since 2009's Right Now! Both bands do two songs; a new song and a song of the other band. It's a joint venture of Kicking Records, Some Produkt, Buzz Off Records and both bands. All singles will have a download code for MP3 versions to put on your player or on a CD. For more info, check the Kicking Records website.

And last but not least: Check our "Gigs" section, because we'll be playing the French territory once again in support of the afformentioned split 7". We'll be cruising around the country with Dead Pop Club (obviously) and Forest Pooky. Plus Over The Top and Flying Donuts on selected dates.

Can't wait to see old friends again and make some new ones in the process!


René Cooper



Date   City   Venue   Extras
14/12/2014 Lille ( FR ) Imposture
13/12/2014 TBA
12/12/2014 Besancon( FR ) Passagers du Zinc
11/12/2014 Honfleur ( FR ) Le Batolune

Past Gigs

28/02/2014 Amsterdam ( NL ) The Cave w/ BEP
16/02/2014 Paris ( FR ) Miroiterie w/ Not Scientists & Nothing More
15/02/2014 Périgueux ( FR ) Toqués
14/02/2014 TBA( FR )
13/02/2014 TBA( FR )
12/02/2014 Lyon ( FR ) Trokson w/ Rivals
10/11/2013 Boulogne Sur Mer ( FR ) Hijack Acoustic show!
09/11/2013 Nantes ( FR ) Alien Fest (Scène Michelet) w/ Bad Chicken, The Flanders and Lisa A Peur
08/11/2013 Lorient ( FR ) Le Galion
23/10/2013 Lille ( FR ) L'Imposture w/Slice Of Life
18/10/2013 The Hague ( NL ) PiP 10 jaar 3voor12 Den Haag
14/08/2013 The Hague ( NL ) Paard van Troje w/ Fucked Up!!
13/04/2013 Angers ( FR ) Espace Culturel Université Kicking Fest #8 w/ Wank For Peace, Homesick and The Flanders
10/02/2013 Lille ( FR ) L'Imposture w/TBA
09/02/2013 Orléans ( FR ) Infra Red w/DEAD POP CLUB
08/02/2013 Périgueux ( FR ) Le Sans Réserve Kicking Fest w/DEAD POP CLUB + G.A.S. DRUMMERS + MASTERVOICE
07/02/2013 TBA ( FR ) TBA w/ Dead Pop Club
10/12/2012 The Hague Paardcafé performing as De Prutsers with The Levi's and It's The Music Applejuice
13/10/2012 Chamoix L'Oboose w/ Sons Of Buddha and 95-C DJ Sets
12/10/2012 Valence (FR) Oasis Café w/ Supermunk
11/10/2012 Décines (FR) Warm Audio w/ Sons Of Buddha and Trailerpark
10/10/2012 Geneva (CH) L'Ecurie w/ Sons Of Buddha and Nothington
08/06/2012 The Hague Supermarkt A Special Evening With Cooper
06/06/2012 Amsterdam Melkweg w/Billy Talent
13/11/2011 Paris Les Combustibles w/ Dead Pop Club, Over The Top & Forest Pooky
12/11/2011 La Rochelle Barbarella w/ Dead Pop Club, Over The Top & Forest Pooky
11/11/2011 Perigueux L'Ecume des Jours w/ Dead Pop Club & Forest Pooky
10/11/2011 Angoulême Kennedy w/ Dead Pop Club & Forest Pooky
09/11/2011 Tours Hurricane's Pub w/ Dead Pop Club & Forest Pooky

Keep checking here for new dates!

René - guitar, vocals.

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Bertus - drums, vocals.

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Fucking things up since 1992.

In a time where the name of a band is more like a tongue twisting nonsensical sentence, usually no less than 17 words including a day of the week and a brand of panty pads, its good to know that there are still bands who like to keep it simple.

Like Cooper, a three piece punk rock band that dont need eyeliner and girls jeans but may wear the occasional tight t-shirt, to make a criminally catchy blend of Circle Jerks, Beatles and The Police with The Descendents and Dave Brubeck looking over their shoulder. Live, Cooper are exciting, tight and powerfully intense, and as most 3 pieces achieve, create a powerful melodic wall of sound leaving the songs running round your head for weeks after.

There is a good chance you have seen us play as we have been busy over the past several years, sharing the stage with Social Distortion, Fugazi, Offspring, Vandals, Living End, Explosion, Stereophonics, Morphine, Jesus Lizard and Sum 41, to name but a few.

We, by the way, are:

Bertus de Blaauw - Lead vocals and drums

René van der Zee - Lead vocals and guitar

Eddy van den Bos - Backing vocals and bass guitar

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Eddy - bass, backing vocals.

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